Pall Medical V-PET Platelet concentrate kits

Regenerative medicine is one of the fastest growing fields of human and veterinary health, as we find out more about the process of injury and repair in our bodies and the role of endogenous cytokines and growth factors in cell damage and repair. The growth factors released by platelets are powerful mediators of vascularisation and cellular regeneration, which is why the practice of harvesting platelets from patients, concentrating them and infusing the resulting platelet rich plasma or concentrate (PRP) into a local area of injury or damage has become a well-known part of sports injury management in human athletes and companion animals.

Platelets can be concentrated using different methods. The traditional method involves spinning down blood and manually removing the buffy coat, where white cells and platelets concentrate. While this method can be effective in the hands of a very experienced operator, it causes a large variation in platelet concentration and could lead to clinically ineffective levels of platelet derived growth factor being infused into a patient. This is why Pall Medical’s filtered platelet concentrate kits have become the product of choice in human and animal health.

Reasons for choosing V-PET kits from Pall Medical for your patients:

  • Closed, single-use system means no capital equipment is needed and treatment can be done in a single visit to the stable or practice
  • Minimally invasive blood collection for the animal – simply draw 10 – 50ml blood
  • Exceptionally quick preparation time – 15 – 30 minutes from collection to treatment
  • 27 human-grade adsorbtive and exclusion filters provide reliable, repeatable, clinically active levels of platelets in every sample, for results you can trust, every time.
  • Treatment from a single kit lasts a minimum of one year in most patients, reducing overall treatment cost and improving client compliance
  • Autologous treatment means drastically lower risk of adverse reactions than with medication

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Pall Medical V-PET Platelet Concentrate kits

Each V-PET kit contains all the elements required for one PRP treatment in a sterile, single-use pack ideal for treatment in your practice or horse-side at a stable yard:

  • Blood collection bag
  • Platelet filter
  • Diluent
  • Filtered concentrate collection syringe
  • Single-use drapes

The only additional product needed is a blood collection and injection needle of the appropriate size for your patient, from a rabbit to a horse.